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COMING OuT Best Degree Pieces Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw 2012

Professor Adam Myjak

Rector, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to this exceptional publication, which attempts to grasp the nature of the innovative project the promising young graduates of our Academy have been involved in, showcasing their considerable talents. The COMING OuT exhibition and the accompanying catalogue is a valuable initiative and an apt reward for our most talented students, whose many years of diligent work and study have now borne fruit and been truly recognised. Congratulations and all the best in your professional lives to all the participants in COMING OuT. May creative passion and good fortune always be with you.
I would like to take this opportunity to also thank our numerous Donors who have contributed to founding prizes for our students. They are often an important injection of much-needed finance, enabling the purchase of vital art supplies. Your donations provide a great source of satisfaction for the students who receive them and are often their first taste of serious professional success.Thank you for your invaluable support and admirable attitude!!! Finally, a word of appreciation to all those involved in the preparation of this unique project and those who supported it financially. Wishing you great artistic inspiration, I hope that in the near future we will hear about the further success of our graduates.

Professor Paweł Nowak

Deputy Rector for Art and Research, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

The COMING OuT Best Degree Pieces Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw exhibition has become a regular fixture in the calendar of autumn events of our Academy. This year marks the fourth time we have organised this unique event, the aim of which is to promote the best graduates and help them in starting their successful – as I hope – professional careers. It is a priority task, a duty of the Academy towards its alumni. When organising successive editions of the COMING OuT project, we try to make it an important cultural event, arousing great interest among the artistic community, influential cultural institutions, sponsors, critics and the media. We continuously strive to refine our project, expanding the scope of its impact. There are more and more partners of the exhibition and more and more visitors. This year, among other moves to recognise talent, we have obtained another award for the COMING OuT participants – an independent jury consisting of prominent personalities who select a laureate to present his or her artistic output at the Salon Akademii gallery.
I believe that we will never run out of energy and ideas for organising further editions and hope all of you, who co-created this event with us, will continue to support us so generously and in such great numbers. I would like to thank you for your help. Congratulations to our graduates and the best of luck!!!

Hanna Wróblewska

Director, Zachęta National Gallery of Art

COMING OuT is – to my understanding – a lovely overture which says “look at us!”. Or rather – as this event has been organised by the Academy – “look at them!”. It is like a farewell, and probably the last gesture of the Academy towards its graduates and alumni. The exhibition – organised within the Academy, by powers of the Academy, is dedicated to the promotion of young artists, considered by the Academy to be authors of the most interesting degree pieces. But apparently, the two years following on from their success here are going to be decisive – for both the best young artists and those who have not yet won the same awards. Then the Academy can no longer help. Where, and with what success will these young artists find their place? Designing, painting, making films, sculptures, installations, working as freelancers (with all the pros and cons of that choice) or as artists taken care of by private galleries? As a part of the so-called creative industries, art world, or as teachers and lecturers? Or maybe somewhere else? For certain, they are needed everywhere. Both within the system and also outside of it, where something new and unformatted can develop – outside of the industry, the gallery and the Academy. One thing is important. They should not take offence at the reality awaiting them. They can be pissed off with it, disagree with it, contest it, but to do that, they have to be aware of what it is. Likewise, they should be aware of contemporary art, which in fact is a part of this reality. So I hope that we will meet again. At the Zachęta gallery, the Centre for Contemporary Art or the Museum of Modern Art, or (hopefully in addition to all those places) at some private gallery. Even if not as exhibitors and curators, then as viewers, perhaps sometimes the most critical but nevertheless real and genuine recipients – valued participants in the social life of a vibrant art scene.